Food Truck Menu

What is a Daikon? Is one of the most popular kind of radish. In Asian cultures, meaty cuisine dishes are complimented with daikon to supposedly help aid with digestion.

Our food is cooked to order so each item is customizable to suit the customer’s palate preference so do not hesitate to ask if you can leave out the jalapeños if you  don’t want to kick of spicy or add a little extra pickling and etc.

Bánh Mì

Freshly toasted 8” baguette served with our garlic mayonnaise and pâté spread, cucumbers, jalapeños, choice of protein than garnished with pickled carrots/daikon radish and cilantro. Neatly wrapped and conveniently cut in half for eating on the go!

Rice Bowl

Steamed white Jasmine rice served with choice of protein topped with chopped cucumbers, jalapeños, pickled carrots/daikon radish and cilantro.


Choice of corn or flour tortillas. Two tacos filled with pâté, jalapeños, choice of protein, topped with pickled carrots/daikon radish and cilantro.

Choice of Protein:

  • BBQ Pork $8.00
  • Lemon grass Pork $8.00
  • Lemon grass Beef $8.00
  • Lemon grass Chicken $7.50
  • Pan-Fried Tofu $7.00
  • Lemon grass sautéed Veggies $5.00

Add a FREE RANGE CAGE FREE egg $1.00

Small Bite

Rolled Daily Shrimp Summer Rolls $3.50

Two rice paper filled rolls of shrimp, chopped green lettuce, sliced cucumbers and vermicelli noodles served along with our peanut dipping sauce. Quantities are always limited each service so grab them early while you can before they are sold out!

Thirst Quenchers

Freshly Squeezed Limeade $3.50

Canned Asian Drinks $2.50

Bottled Water $2.00

Canned Sodas $1.00